In accordance with Section 27 of the Garden Route District Municipality’s Municipal Health Services By-Laws, PG 6566 of 17 October 2008, it is required of all facilities generating, transporting, sorting and disposing Health Care Waste, to register on the Garden Route Integrated Waste Information System (EIWIS) as a Health Care Waste Facility. It is therefore required that your Health Care Waste Facility registers and reports on the EIWIS by means of the attached electronic forms. Should the electronic form not function as intended, the form can be printed, completed and e-mailed to or alternatively faxed to 086 210 0495.

A registration certificate with your facility’s unique registration number will be issued to you electronically on completion of the registration.

Eden Integrated Waste Information System documents:

Document Size
Capture Quarterly Health Care Waste Report (Transporter, Treater and disposer) 227 Kb
Capture Quarterly Health Care Waste Report ( Waste Generators) 191 Kb
Capture Quarterly Report (Hazardous Waste Generators)  129 Kb
Capture Quarterly Waste Report Landfill & Recycling  124 Kb
Waste Facilities Registration (E-Form)  168 Kb