Waste Management in Education Program

Schools play a major role in the education of tomorrow’s consumers and decision makers. Involving learners at a young age to reduce the amount of waste produced by a school can give learners a broader perspective and start them thinking about their wider responsibilities to both the community and the environment.  For this reason Garden Route District Municipality in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning and the Local Municipalities has rolled out the waste management education program to pre-schools and schools in the Garden Route area.  Teacher support material was developed in such a way that it can be linked to the National Curriculum Statements to day-to-day schooling.

Document downloads Grades Size
Teacher Guide: Pre-School (English) Pre-School 4 655 Kb
Teacher Guide: Pre-School (Afrikaans) Voorskool 4 368 Kb
Teacher Guide: Foundation: Phase (Afrikaans) R – 3 5 490 Kb
Teacher Guide: Foundation: Phase (English) R – 3 7 058 Kb
Teacher Guide: Intersen (Afrikaans) 4 – 7 5 472 Kb
Teacher Guide: Intersen (English) 4 – 7 8 130 Kb
Teacher Guide (English) 8 – 9 3 923 Kb
Teacher Guide (English) 10 – 12 4 827 Kb
Puppet show 3 2 446 Kb
Poppespel 3 4 447 Kb

Teacher Support Videos are available from the Garden Route Municipal Waste Management Offices.